a whole high view

"The most evocative and captivating images of Italy I ever saw"

Travel & Culture Documentary
Breathtaking views of seas and mountains from above, a selection of impressive natural landscapes, interesting historical villages and unique cities with their cultural heritage, their tastes and their traditions.


Italy, the boot shaped peninsula is so unique that it can be clearly recognised even from the space. It is located right at the centre of the Mediterranean and just few kilometres north from Africa, yet it is strongly anchored to Europe. It is a land of great geological and naturalistic fascination that strikes for its diverse climate and geography. We will embark on a 250 million year long back in time journey and we will rebuild the geological history of Italy and hence of the entire planet. We will depart from Pangea, the ancient land surrounded by the immense ocean of Panthalassa and we will witness to the birth of the continents as they appear today.


A four part documentary that will push us to reconsider the strategical position of Italy between two continents and the subsequent geopolitical, anthropological and social implications resulting from this strict relation.

Ep. 1 La Terra E L’Oceano: Le Origini
Ep. 2 Lo Scontro: Le Alpi
Ep. 3 La Penisola: Lo Stivale
Ep. 4 L’Italia: Bella Ma Fragile


The Alpine Guide, the sole legally authorised professional to lead travellers on the mountains, will hardly appear among the first ten answers to the question “What will you do when you’ll grow up?”.

In this 12 one hour episode docu-reality series we will meet the aspiring Alpine Guides and we will follow the harsh selection and hard training they will undergo from practical trials through to final exams, that will eventually allow them to become professional mountaineers.

The course will articulate between theory and practical trials. Those who will overcome the rock and ice climbing and the alpine skying selection will access a training lasting 100 long days full of anxiety, hope and frustration, strain and sacrifice, victory and defeat.


Ep. 1 Training & Trainees
Ep. 2 Alpine Health & Safety
Ep. 3 Ice & Waterfalls
Ep. 4 Ski, Alpine Skiing & Off Piste
Ep. 5 Meteorology & Snow
Ep. 6 Topography & Orienteering
Ep. 7 Mountaineering & Rock Climbing
Ep. 8 Ice & Waterfall Exam
Ep 9 Alpine Skiing Exam
Ep. 10 Health & Safety Exam
Ep. 11 Mountaineering Exam
Ep. 12 Rock Climbing Exam



Season I 24×26’ HD
Season II 16×26’ HD


From the snowy peaks of the Dolomites to the green hills of Chianti and the blue sea of Capri, you will experience Italy’s most beautiful destinations in a way you have never seen before.

Each episode will take you to a different part of the country to tell you all about its natural wonders, its diverse historical and artistic heritage and its ancient traditions.
Stunning aerial views and in depth information give you the unique chance to visit Italy at its best.


Off The Beaten Track

Season I 16×26’ HD
Season II 12×26’ HD


Have you ever heard of Val Ferret? And where do you think Capo Caccia is located?
Each episode will give you the opportunity to explore those hidden gems that make the Italian territory so special.

You will be guided through alternative itineraries to discover an off the beaten track Italy, from hidden mountain valleys to secluded immaculate beaches and mysterious ancient castles.
You will learn about their characteristics and of the history and legends surrounding them.


In Short

48×5’ HD


From Milano and its landmarks to the Palladian Villas in Veneto, the enchanted lakes of Trentino, Umbria with its treasures and the Salento coastline in Puglia, each short will focus on a particular destination and will tell you a story.

Be it urban architecture, the territory’s special conformation or the arts and crafts typical of the area, you will discover many interesting facts, while being charmed by the poetic imagery of the beautiful aerial views.


A Grand Tour of Italy to discover the world capitals of Art & Culture

From Venezia to Roma, down to Napoli and up to Torino, via Firenze and Milano we will travel across Italy to sightsee the cities that, with their cultural and artistic heritage, are unmissable destinations for world refined travellers.


Six different travel itineraries with breathtaking aerial views of historical centres, ancient monuments and more modern buildings to discover an interesting combination of Art Cities scattered across Italy.
From the Renaissance Ideal Cities of Firenze, Urbino and Sabbioneta to the Water Cities of Venezia, Genova and Trieste and the ancient Roman Cities of Roma, Verona and Brescia to quote a few.

Ep. 1 Water Cities | Venezia, Genova, Trieste
Ep. 2 Roman Cities | Roma, Verona, Brescia
Ep. 3 Ideal Cities | Firenze, Urbino, Sabbioneta
Ep. 4 Royal Cities | Torino, Napoli and Caserta
Ep. 5 Stone Cities | Matera, Orvieto, Lecce
Ep. 6 Futuristic Cities | Milano and Rovereto



Our full-HD aerial video clips can boast very high quality thanks to the use of a Wescam imaging system mounted on rotary-wing aircraft, including a gyroscopic image stabilization system which prevents blurring by compensating for camera movement.